A little bit about me then......

I'm a native Mancunian now living in the beautiful county of Norfolk. Occasionally carrot crunching and taking the odd photo here and there. I grew up in the suburbs of Manchester in the 1970's and always enjoyed drawing and creating things, as well as playing out on my bike with my mates.

I left school in the 80's and joined a YTS scheme. I studied Graphic Design and eventually got placed within a small ad agency in the city centre. During this vibrant 'Madchester' era in pop culture, I was often engaging with artists, illustrators, photographers & creatives as part of my day job. This has had a definite influence on my own ideas and helped form a more creative eye.

As the dawn of Apple Macintosh desk top publishing loomed, I felt that direction wasn't for me and decided on a career change, moving into the retail Motor Industry. Having enjoyed working in this environment for over 25 years, I have still kept my creative eye; busy producing various graphic art for personal enjoyment, friends and family. 

I have always wanted to get into Photography but I was afraid that the technical side would bamboozle me. When the opportunity arose to get a DSLR Camera I thought, "Blow it! i'm gonna have a bash."  After many hours and late nights watching  youtube tutorials on camera basics I started to really enjoy it. Like most people, getting a new camera made me want to capture anything and experiment with this new toy!

During this time, I have been fortunate enough to have  some of my images featured in various Norwich Newspaper publications, the BBC website and just recently an image shown on a regional BBC TV news lifestyle segment.

If you got this far, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy viewing the images here as much as I did shooting them.


JP Appleton