Had a lovely early morning out at Overstrand, North Norfolk this week. Despite having man flu (obviously feeling i was at deaths door) it was a very mild bright morning with some lovely clouds. Managed to get some long exposures and some nice splashing waves deep down in the sea defences. Didn't get too wet thankfully and on the way back to the car i spotted these lovely colours on the beach huts. Nice one for next years calendar i think!


Aldeburgh Review

I was just going through some old files from a shoot I did in Aldeburgh recently and its amazing how many images get overlooked just after you shoot them. I was prompted to do this after listening to an interview with a professional photographer who explained that often he goes back to the RAW files from previous shoots to review any images that may have been missed. This is good practice when you're not always able to go and get fresh shots and are looking to enhance your portfolio. The image below is one such case. I shot quite a few of the various boats at Aldeburgh and thought this might make a nice addition to the rest. 


colder misty mornings

as we're getting into Autumn now i've noticed the misty mornings are creeping back. i'm really hoping to capture some beautiful woodland scenes this year with atmospheric tones and all those stunning autumnal colours. i took a few shots earlier in the year around the local woods to where we live and processed them with a mysterious vibe. i think we were watching 'Stranger Things' on the telly at the time and somehow this channelled into the photography. I have my eye on some lovely vibrant greens in the moss scattered around the wood that will hopefully make for some decent shots.  



Hi world! Hopefully this will be a place I can express my ideas and thoughts on current photographic projects and along the way try to add some behind the scenes stuff. I'm currently working on Landscapes & Seascape shots. It's something I've only tried just recently and have to say i'm enjoying it. The early starts are a bit of a killer but now as we venture into autumn the sunrises are getting later. I have noticed though i've neglected the portrait stuff a we bit and need to get back on it like a tramp on chips. 

Betty Hat - Copy.jpg