Glorious Gordale

A happy accident this one! I was visiting family up in the Northwest recently and planned to pop over to Malham to shoot 'The Lone Tree'. I'd found out about this great location via a great youtuber called Gary Gough.. Armed with all the details I headed up to North Yorkshire to get an early morning shot. A few dry stone walls climbed over and I was at the location. Sky and weather wasn't playing ball but I had to sit it out and wait for that break in the clouds. A couple of hours later it was in the camera. Just before heading off tho i thought i wonder what's over that ridge? Another field and another and then WOW. I was greeted by the view you see below of Gordale Scar. Fast forward 3 hours later and with a very knackered pair of legs I managed to get some fantastic images that were totally unplanned.